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Every second person has a Gmail login email account isn’t it? How many times do we login into our Gmail accounts to check our inbox in a day? At least once a day; be it personal messages, professional emails or promotional ads, for everything we have a one stop solution, Gmail. Although Gmail is supported by online advertisements for generating revenue and has paid options for upgrading storage capacity, it offers Gmail Login email to users for free. It has a separate email login page which makes it damn easy to access your Gmail account. For the Official Gmail login page please go to or Signup for Gmail login email Creating an email on Gmail is very easy and takes just a few minutes. Use this link to reach the signup page<mpl=default&hl=en Here at the Gmail Signup page fill in your personal details and then choose a user name which you can use to login your gmail email account in future; don’t forget to check the availability of login id before you submit other details. Choose your password wisely; an ideal login email password has alphabetic and numeric characters and should neither be too long nor it should be too short. Now you just need to check the box for agreeing to terms of service. That is it! you now have a Gmail login email that can be used for registering on many other social networking sites. Gmail login to check your email After creating a Gmail login email account you are ready to login into your gmail account anytime, anywhere and from any device that supports the Gmail service. You can visit this link to login<mpl=default<mplcache=2&hl=en&emr=1&elo=1 ; At this page you need to enter the username you choose while filling the signup form and then provide the password chosen; now you just have to click on the blue colored signin button to access your inbox which will have a mail waiting for you from the Gmail team to welcome you to the family of Gmail users. Features offered by Gmail Once you have a Gmail login email you can enjoy the following features Gmail has the highest storage space as compared to other email providers. As of May 2013 users get a collective storage capacity of 15 GB i.e. including Google Drive and Goolge+ Categorize the mails depending on the subject of the mail. E.g. Primary, Promotions, Updates, Social and forums. Very effective spam feature. You can easily create a Gmail login email on your phone app and access your inbox on the go. Gmail login email can be used to login and signup for all the major social networking sites. Searching mails in Gmail is as easy as a pie; you just have to use the search bar given on the top of the page once you login into your Gmail account. The Gmail login email can be used for transferring money for Google wallets. With so many features and user friendly interface which not only allows to send emails, but chat with friends who are online as well; a Gmail login email is something we cannot afford to avoid. So sign up for a Gmail Login email account now.