Gmail Login apps for Android and iOS

Now there’s a better way to check your emails on mobile devices. Google introduced Gmail app on Google Play for Android users and on Apple store for iOS users several months back. This App had many updates and enhancements since it’s initial release but some of users still complaining that they have difficulties while Gmail login and get notifications properly. The updated App seems to be nice and clean anyway. I tried both versions on Android and iOS platforms. Both versions worked for me finely. Got easy login to gmail account, real time notifications and other interactions very well. Also Gmail multiple login feature worked very well. You can try these apps yourself by visiting following App store links on mobile devices. There are many fake or duplicated apps made by many thirdparty developers too. It’s better to always have the official App from the Google Inc since there’s a risk to leak your important personal information and login details to third party by using un-officlal App.